What We Do

The firm deals with Labour Consulting, Labour Law and Industrial Relations, providing advice and assistance in labor and contractual law , administrative and personnel management, payrolling, personnel restructuring processes through analysis of the assets of internal resources, even with intervention social welfare.

The firm also deals with strategic business consulting for corporate restructurings, collective redundancies, divestitures and disposals of business divisions.

The Partners of the Labour Law area, have gained particular experience in the field of Human Resources in complex employment law procedures resulting from the reorganization process, through negotiation with trade unions at all levels.

As part of the Legal Consultancy and Corporate Law, the firm provides assistance and consultancy on merger transactions and acquisitions, takeovers and transfers of business, Commercial law, civil proceeding, having consolidated an important know-how in the assistance of structured companies over the years they have carried out such tools.

In the of Business Finance area the Firm assists clients in debt rescheduling activities, reorganization plans, evaluation of the business risks and affidavit of industrial plans.

The following areas of expertise of the Firm:

Labour Law and Industrial Relations

  • Business Transfers and disposals of businesses procedures;
  • International mobility of employees;
  • Renovation;
  • Drafting of individual and corporate collective labor agreements;
  • Staff Placement;
  • Negotiations with trade unions;
  • Verification of conformity with the Italian law of the Codes of Conduct of Multinational Groups;
  • Support and advice with regard to relationships with directors and managers;
  • Agreements of confidentiality and non-competition;
  • Advice on national and international pensions;
  • Labour related lawsuit (CTP and CTU);
  • Tax advisory services, legal and social security.

Human resources

  • Stock option plans;
  • Pay plans and employee incentive plans;
  • Personal Wealth Planning for Management;
  • Staff training;
  • Analysis of HR internal structure and / or the quantitative growth and qualitative HR;
  • Search, selection and supply of personnel under temporary or permanent contract;
  • Search and selection of personnel for direct hiring process;
  • Outplacement Plans and accompanying of outgoing resources’ outplacement;
  • Participation financed by the European Structural Funds, by the Interprofessional Funds and by national and regional initiatives and guidelines.

Personnel Management and Administration

  • Management of an employment contract (quasi-subordinate, independent, coming from and employment agency);
  • Business Checkup on HR assets;
  • Payroll and other social security and tax obligations required of the staff.

Accounting, national and international taxation

  • Ordinary and simplified accounting management;
  • Extraordinary business Ratings;
  • Restructuring plans asseveration;
  • Management and Advisor in the M & A transaction;
  • Monitoring and technical assistance for the acquisition of funding and / or incentives and financial regulations at EU, national or local level.


Advice and assistance on all matters relating to Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 and subsequent amendments, such as:

  • risk assessment document (DVR);
  • charge of the Prevention and Protection Service Manager;
  • health surveillance;
  • procurement management (IRAD);
  • staff training (RLS, Workers First Aid, Emergency Workers, training for specific risks);
  • assistance with the Supervisory Authorities worksite safety;
  • design and fire inspections;
  • audits electrical installations (DPR 462/01).

Occupational Medicine

  • Appointment of the competent physician, with the tasks defined by law;
  • Company Doctor’s Inspections at work;
  • Development of Health Protocol;
  • Medical fitness workers;
  • Editing/ Updating of the medical record for each employee by issuing their fitness status;
  • Participation in regular meeting (Art. 35 Legislative Decree no. 81/08);
  • Company’s manufacturing, financial and services are assisted in the management of business matters, such as agreements with the unions, individual and collective hiring and dismissals procedures, pensions, incentives and litigation.


  • Management of the formalities relating to Legislative Decree no. 196/2013;
  • Appointment of Privacy Officer;
  • Training Policy Officer;
  • Drafting of personalised information for the data processing;
  • Assistance in the notifications to the Guarantor;
  • Audit and Compliance Policy.