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The Firm’s areas of expertise include Labour Consultancy, Labour Law and Industrial Relations.

We provide advice and support in labour law and contractual matters, personnel administration and management, payroll and personnel restructuring processes through analysis of internal resource assets, including with intervention of social safety nets.

The Firm also deals with strategic business consultancy for corporate reorganisation operations, collective redundancies and divestments and transfers of business units.

Labour Law Partners have gained particular experience in the field of Human Resources in complex labour law processes resulting from reorganisation procedures, through negotiation with trade unions at all levels.

The Firm provides legal and corporate law support and advice on mergers and acquisitions as well as business unit transfers and sales. In commercial law and civil litigation, we have developed significant know-how in assisting structured companies that over the years have made use of these instruments.

In the area of Corporate Finance, the Firm supports Clients in debt restructuring operations, reorganisation plans, corporate risk assessment and affirmation of industrial plans.

Braganò and Partners also offers the ability to acquire business information with flexible and fast solutions that allow you to have all the data, surveys, certificates and documents necessary for your company to evaluate a client or supplier, the solvency of a debt, to carry out debt recovery or to assess the value of a business in general, in just a few minutes.

The Firm, which also specialises in Sports Labour Law, was a partner in the Summer Football Market 2018 where it highlighted new laws of interest to professional football.

Area of Specialization
of study



  • Company transfers and procedures for the sale of business units;
  • International mobility of employees;
  • Restructuring;
  • Drafting of individual and collective employment contracts;
  • Staff placement;
  • Negotiations with trade unions;
  • Verification of compliance with Italian legislation on Codes of Conduct of multinational groups;
  • Support and advice regarding relations with Directors and managers;
  • Confidentiality and non-competition agreements;
  • Advice on national and international pensions;
  • Labour Law litigation (CTP and CTU, courtroom experts);
  • Tax, legal and contribution consultancy services.


  • Stock option plans;
  • Compensation plans and staff incentive plans;
  • Personal Wealth Planning for management;
  • Staff training;
  • Analysis of internal HR structures and/or of quantitative and qualitative growth objectives;
  • Search, selection and supply of temporary and permanent personnel;
  • Search and selection of personnel for direct placement in the Company;
  • Outplacement plans and accompaniment to the relocation of outgoing resources;
  • Training financed by the European Structural Funds, the Interprofessional Funds and national- and regional-initiative lines;
  • Initiatives relating to Labour Market Re-insertion Policies both nationally and regionally.
Consulenza del lavoro, Gestione del personale, Inquadramento del personale, Elaborazione paghe, Buste paga, Busta paga


  • – Management of employment, semi-subordinate, autonomous and agency employment contracts;
  • – Corporate check-ups on HR assets;
  • – Payroll and other social security and tax obligations of personnel.


  • Ordinary and simplified accounting management;
  • Extraordinary company evaluations;
  • Affirmation of restructuring plans;
  • Management and Advisor in M&A operation;
  • Monitoring and technical assistance for the acquisition of financing and/or regulatory and financial facilities at European Union (EU), national and local level.


Consultancy and support for all obligations related to Decree Law 81/2008 and subsequent amendments, such as:

  • risk assessment document (DVR);
  • appointment of Head of the Prevention and Protection Service;
  • health oversight;
  • contract management (DUVRI);
  • staff training (RLS – Workers Safety Representatives, First Aid Workers, Emergency Workers, training for specific risks);
  • support to the Supervisory Bodies;
  • safety on site;
  • firefighting design and checks;
  • electrical system checks (Presidential Decree 462/01).


  • Appointment of the Medical Officer, with performance of the tasks provided for by current legislation;
  • Medical Officer workplace inspections;
  • Preparation of the Health Protocol;
  • Medical examination of suitability for workers;
  • Drafting/updating of health records for each individual employee with the issuance of a suitability assessment;
  • Participation in the Periodic Meeting (Art. 35 Decree Law 81/08);
  • Manufacturing, financial and service companies are assisted in the management of labour issues, such as agreements with trade unions, individual and collective recruitment and dismissal, pensions, incentives and litigation


  • – Management of compliance with Decree Law no. 196/2013;
  • – Appointment of Privacy Officer;
  • – Training for Privacy Officer;
  • – Drafting of customised policies for the processing of data;
  • – Assistance in notifications to the Data Protection Authority;
  • – Audit and Compliance Privacy.


– Implementation and improvement of the Management System;
– Process analysis;
– Drafting of document;
– Staff training;
– Internal audit management;
– Certification audit preparation;
– Study of Integrated Systems.


Sede Legale:
Via Ausonio, 15 – 20123 Milano
Tel. +39 02 87159128


Sede Legale:
Via Ausonio, 15 – 20123 Milano
Tel. +39 02 87159128

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